Test your eating abilities with our many challenging eating contests!

Contestants race to be the first to finish an entire cream pie without using their hands or any utensils!.

3 teams of 2. Person 1 lays flat on ground. Person 2 pulls out a string tied to a doughnut in a bowl of chocolate syrup and feeds it to player 1. First to eat 3 doughnuts wins. Bowls with chocolate are set behind the persons head that is laying down!

Each person gets a dozen wings. Eat as many as you can in 3 min!

Show off your food costume on stage. Best costume wins!

Come up on stage and tell us your best dad joke. A team of judges will decide who’s is the winner!

Each contestant will receive 6 hot dogs and must eat as many as they can within 5 minutes.

Eating Contest Registration

Potential contestant can register at the Contest Check In tent next to the music stage.  More information will be provided.


Relaxing vibes, great food…what more could you ask for?! Stay tuned to see who will be playing at this year’s Street Eats Food Truck Festival!

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Pop into this fun tent at any point during the weekend and check out some of the high-flying culinary action! Top Valley chefs will show you how to slice, dice, simmer and sautée great food from their restaurants – all on a kitchen stage built by the amazing Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove. Cooking demonstrations start at the top of every hour between noon and 4pm both days. No reservations required.

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Food In Root Farmers’ Market

FoodInRoot. FoodInRoot provides communities with accessibility to local foods and goods by giving small businesses a place to thrive and connect directly to consumers. The Farmer’s Market will feature a diverse selection such as fresh produce, salsas and hot sauce, hummus, spices, baked goods, honey and jellies, among others, ideal for curating holiday gift baskets for foodie friends and family.

Cornhole tournament

Throw your way into the Street Eats Food Truck Cornhole Competition, presented by KB Kornhole Games.  We will be offering A NUMBER OF CORNHOLE TOURNAMENTS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS – A TOURNAMENT FOR EVERYONE!

DON’T WORRY IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE GAME! Kornhole is all about having fun and meeting new people. There are a lot of friendly people who are eager to help newcomers learn the game.